My name is Jenny Kukoy and I grew up in Evergreen, Colorado. I attended Prescott College in Prescott, AZ and graduated with a degree in Education. I moved back to Colorado after graduating and have been working with individuals with developmental disabilities for over 10 years.

How did you become interested in the Biomat?

I am an avid outdoor enthusiast. I enjoy hiking, kayaking, and skiing. During the fall of 2015, my active life style came to a halt after I was severely injured in a car accident. This accident required me to have a spinal fusion and months of physical therapy. After fully recovering, I was still having pain in my lower back and hip. A friend of mine introduced me to her Amethyst Crystal Biomat. After using hers for a couple of days I noticed a significant decrease in my pain. Over time, I was sleeping better and my pain became minimal to none.

Why do you offer Biomat sessions?

I offer Biomat sessions because I want to enhance the quality of life in others. I believe it is important for people to know there are holistic approaches to healing the mind and body. Since the Biomat produces both far infrared rays and negative ions it can improve your well-being both mentally and physically.

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