What is the Biomat?

The Biomat is an FDA approved medical device manufactured in South Korea. It is made from crushed Amethyst crystals that are positioned in rows along the mat. The Biomat has three major components: Amethyst, Far Infrared Light and Negative Ions. The combination of all three components provides many health benefits. The Biomat has adjustable heat settings that range from 95-158 degrees. The Biomat’s layered technology distributes the heat evenly allowing the Far Infrared Rays and Negative Ions to take effect.

Amethyst and Far Infrared Rays

Amethyst crystals have been known for their healing properties. Amethyst acts as a conductor for Far Infrared Rays when heated. Far Infrared Rays are invisible waves of energy that are found in the electromagnetic spectrum. The most common way to absorb Far Infrared Rays is through sunlight. Unlike the sun, the Biomat does not emit ultra violet rays which makes it safe. Far Infrared Heat penetrates the body 4 to 6 inches deep increasing the body’s temperature. This allows the blood vessels and capillaries to dilate allowing better circulation. This also facilitates tissue healing by increasing proteins, nutrients and oxygen in the body. Far Infrared Rays also detoxify the body. When Far Infrared Rays are applied to the body, the vibrational frequencies from the Far Infrared Rays start to break down water molecules. As the body’s internal temperature rises compressed gases and toxic materials are released.

Negative Ions

The Biomat also emits Negative Ions. Negative Ions are natural air molecules that help purify the air and give off a euphoric sense of well-being. They can enhance a person’s energy and positive mood. Negative Ions from the Biomat help regulate the serotonin in the brain. This can help alleviate depression, promote better sleep and help with migraines. Negative Ions are commonly found in nature, near waterfalls, oceans, rivers and lush wildlife. Absorbing Negative Ions helps to balance the Positive Ions you get from watching television, working on the computer, talking on a cell phone and being exposed to fluorescent lighting. If these objects make you feel tired and irritable you have probably been exposed to an abundance of Positive Ions.